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Angela Martinez is a true entertainer in every sense of the word. She sings, writes, and performs songs in a way that will make everyone take notice. Looking at her petite five foot frame you would never expect a huge voice to come out of such a little person but her voice will blow you away every time.

Angela began her career in California performing for local fairs, churches and public venues which allowed her to share her talent and grow as a future country artist.

At seventeen, Angela joined a local song writer’s association where she met Steve Seskin, an amazing songwriter who had just written a number one hit for Tim McGraw. From Steve, Angela learned songwriting techniques, but more importantly, she discovered that writing country music was her first love. “I have grown up singing all types of music being from California and all, but when I focused on writing it was nothing but country music and I knew that no matter where I lived, I was a country girl at heart.” Steve personally produced a demo for her that was brought to the attention of award winning producer Jerry Crutchfield, which led to her move to Nashville.

While in Nashville, she has had many amazing opportunities. She has gone overseas to entertain the U.S. troops in Britain, Norway, Turkey, Portugal and Italy. She and her band performed with other Nashville artists at “The Tricky Hoedown” which is an annual outdoor concert and bonfire to honor loved ones that have been lost to cancer. (Angela lost her grandfather Martinez to cancer.) All proceeds went to the American Cancer Society. Angela just recently sang for the Tennessee Scleroderma Walkathon and was one of the featured acts at the largest Cinco De Mayo celebration put on by the Spanish radio station El Sol 880 am and Activa 1240 am. She was also the featured artist on mycountryspace.com. Her new song “Best Fight” is getting radio play in Brazil.

She has performed at local venues such as Tootsies, The Wheel, The Stage, The Limelight, The Rutledge, The Red Rooster, Dan McGuiness Pub and played at many local writers’ nights to help hone her craft. The biggest honor that she has had recently was being asked to sing at the celebration party for Manuel when he received his star on the Music City Walk of Fame. Angela says “It was truly an honor to be there to recognize this amazing man’s contribution to country music history.”

Angela has made her mark in the hearts of those that are struggling with Scleroderma for whom she has written their national song titled “Right There” and she has definitely convinced Nashville that her home is on the stage. She has appeared on radio shows across the country and did a European military tour to show her great appreciation for the troops. She loves to help others and her love and passion for music is the outlet she uses to make a difference in the world. Whether it’s picking up a pen and writing a song that will change your life, or singing a note that will melt your soul, this young woman has a way of embracing the passion of an old soul and an understanding of a young heart that will keep all audiences wanting more.

Angela recently released her first music video titled “Best Fight” The song was written by Angela Martinez and the video was produced and directed by 1080 visual. You can check out the video on Youtube and purchase her single from Cdbaby and iTunes. She is currently in the studio finishing up her new album.